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 Cater Home Care Inc. Care Program Cater Home Care Inc. care program begins with reviewing the client needs through discussion with family members, physicians, social workers and hospitals._d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-91 49-20813d6c673b_Next , we develop an individualized program to manage your daily needs. This program includes what daily task that is needed to be performed by the caregiver, what days/hours are needed based on the client's needs and family request.  Cater Home Care staff plans with client and family what social events the clients attends and what activities and interest the client has. We will match the best caregiver to cater to the client needs and the caregiver will meet with the client and family before serving the client. After the caregiver has been placed in the clients home, we continue to manage on-going assessments, telephone check-ins and home visits. This system allows us to communicate with the family and client to ensure great customer satisfaction with each client is being monitored and health progress to determine if any changes have taken place in the clients health. If so, Cater Home Care will contact the client's physician and appointed family member to discuss the client's conditions. Cater Home Care Inc. mission is to offer the best home care by providing dedicated nurses with the highest level of patient care and professionalism. We offer honesty, fairness, non-judgmental and value diversity. Each member of our staff is accountable for carrying forward our mission. We do not tolerate any negligence, abuse or miss-use of any client's health and mind state. We strive to cater and service each client and their loved ones with one on one communication and respect.

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