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Live-Ins and Sleepovers

Cater Home Care Inc. Offers Live-In and Sleepover Care to any of our clients.

This service reduces loneliness and provides respectful care to family members. This service can be requested on an on call basis with 24 hour notification. Also this service can be used for traveling and for holidays. This service offers extra help with companionship, compassionate, companions to socialize with and overseer of the clients health around the clock.


Social Events and Outdoor Activities

Cater Home Care Inc. Staff provides Non-Emergency Transportation to clients who wish to attend outdoor social events. Our staffs engage into the activities with the client and assist them with mobility, feeding etc. if needed. Also we provide non-emergency transportation to the client doctor visits and wait patiently for the appointment to be over. During summer seasons and holidays Cater Home Care team joins together to arrange outdoor events for the clients to attend.

Our Staff

Cater Home Care Inc. Staff is here to serve you and your loved ones 24 hours 7 days a week including holidays. Our Staff works around the clock to manage and assist each client's needs. We have an on-call Registered Nurse who is available to respond to the caregiver's calls with any inquiries pertaining to the client's health conditions at any time of the day.


Also our on-call services are available for any hours needed to service a client, whether it's one hour or several hours, our caregivers are available to respond at any time of the day. Caregivers also drive to medical appointments, the grocery store, and pharmacy or even go with clients on vacation trips.


The flexible Lifestyle Care program provides care whenever needed.


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